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Technology mixed with nature! BIOVITAE INSIDE is the first and only patented (US11,041,592) multi-frequency peak sanitizing UV FREE LED light technology that has been validated to provide the broadest microbial action able to target bacteria and viruses.

This natural white light is safe for humans/animals and sanitizes as it illuminates the environments in which it is installed; effective on 99.8% of all bacteria in just a few minutes. The microbicidal action is activated by the patented combination of frequencies within the visible (UV FREE) spectrum range known as the Sorèt band (400-420nm) which is scientifically proven to be harmful to viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms (fungi, spores, molds).



BIOVITAE INSIDE sanitizes environments without sterilizing them. It is not harmful to humans and safely prevents the development of infectious disease strains without weakening the normal functions of our immune system.

Bio-film protects bacteria from disinfectants and antibiotics. Only visible light is able to penetrate biofilm and only BIOVITAE INSIDE’s patented frequencies are able to kill bacteria inside and degrade it. While BIOVITAE technology is cleaning our environments, the visible white light spectrum is also Human Centric Lighting (HLC) that can help regulate circadian rhythms, enhance your productivity, and actively boost your mood.


Installing BIOVITAE INSIDE makes our indoor environment cleaner and healthier. It works alongside humans, is LED (UV FREE), and provides functional lighting with sanitization. BIOVITAE INSIDE contributes to prevent infections caused by viruses and bacteria, as well as allergies by fungi, spores, and mold.

- Virucidal and bactericidal white LED light.
- Continuous sanitization without sterilization.
- Counteracts the phenomenon of antibiotic resistance.
- Limits the risk of viral contagion.
- LED light (UV FREE) that is safe for humans and animals.
- Flicker free.
- Eco friendly.


BIOVITAE INSIDE makes our indoor environments cleaner and healthier.

- Functional lighting with sanitization; sanitizes during daily activities.
- Works alongside the presence of humans and animals.
- Only visible light; UV FREE with NO Risk from exposure!
- Natural Light, indistinguishable from a normal light.
- Efficient lighting.
- Effective on all microbes


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Because, unlike all other sanitization solutions, with BIOVITAE you are always protected. BIOVITAE, in fact, guarantees continuous sanitation even in the presence of living beings; unlike other sanitation systems – from chemical detergents, ozone to UV – which can only be used in the absence of people. Continuous sanitization is the most effective solution for the prevention and containment of bacterial or viral infections. It is also an important response to antibiotic resistance to bacteria. BIOVITAE safeguards the natural resilience of our immune system, providing an effective response for the protection of children, adults and animals given that the light acts in total safety in the presence of a human being and in any environment.


  • You are always protected
  • Replace your normal white-light lighting
  • Use it for every home environment: from the children’s room to the kitchen
  • BIOVITAE sanitizes the environment and kills (non-inactive) viruses and bacteria.

No. BIOVITAE is UV-FREE. UV rays emit a violet light and are harmful to living beings, they can only be used in empty environments or by shielding the light source. The white light of BIOVITAE has no contraindication for the continuous use in the presence of humans and animals; and is used as a normal light bulb. Learn more about the difference between LEDs and UV at this link.

The effectiveness of BIOVITAE against SARS-CoV-2 (Covid-19) has been verified by the Scientific Department of the Celio Military Hospital in Rome and, independently, also by the military laboratories in Germany and Sweden, as well as by the Department of Microbiology of the Sapienza University in Rome and the CEA (Commissariat à l ‘énergie atomique et aux énergies alternatives) in France.

Look at the bacterial tests. Look at the virus tests.

Yes. Because the frequency range emitted by BIOVITAE covers the entire visible spectrum, especially wavelengths from 400 to 420 420nm, a range known as the Soret Band. Efficacy on these frequencies is scientifically demonstrated in all bacteria (GRAM+ and GRAM-), including antibiotic-resistant bacterial strains – such as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) – as well as spores, bacterial molds, bacterial fungi and yeasts.

All bacterial microorganisms, including mold and fungi, undergo the oxidative effect induced by BIOVITAE. However, when the colonies turn into mycelia, and thus have reached the typical dark and spongy formation visible to the naked eye, then they are no longer microorganisms but real plant organisms. In this form it is no longer possible to eradicate them through the action of BIOVITAE (which is, in fact, designed not to be harmful to living organisms such as humans, animals and plants), but it will be necessary to intervene with appropriate mechanical or chemical removal actions (such as scraping or the use of anti-mold/antifungal paints/impregnators). Mold is formed when the environment is unhealthy due to excessive moisture or other characteristics that promote the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Therefore, the sanitization of the environments certainly prevents the formation of mold. Typology and evolutionary status should be analyzed on molds already formed. Mold is generated by unhealthy environments due to excess moisture and condensation that create the ideal habitat for the proliferation of fungi and bacteria. BIOVITAE controls and reduces this proliferation and prevents the formation of molds of bacterial and fungal origin.

Until recently, the most well-known and widespread antimicrobial light irradiation has been that with wavelengths of ultraviolet (UV) spectrum light, in particular UV-C radiation (100 to 280 nm), which is traditionally used for disinfection. It has now been shown, however, not only that UV radiation is effective only in the presence of particular environmental parameters (above all, precise levels of temperature and humidity), but also that it is carcinogenic to humans and that it modifies the organoleptic and nutritional characteristics of food, as well as altering the structural characteristics of materials (for example, by weakening plastics). In addition, UV rays act on the genetic structure of the microorganism and – therefore – do not permanently eliminate it but cause its inactivation, that is, inhibiting its replicative function but not eradicating it permanently. Recent discoveries have shown that some microorganisms, particularly bacteria, have mechanisms that can repair the genetic damage induced by UV-C rays; just as some viruses can reactivate using some enzymes of the hosts in which they have settled. BIOVITAE is not harmful to living beings: it can be used in environments in any environmental condition and irreversibly eliminates the microorganisms on which it acts.

See the differences between LEDs and UV

No, Biovitae technology uses only visible light and does not emit UV-C radiation or other sources of ozone formation and therefore complies with all the required standards for user safety. BIOVITAE complies with the International Standards IEC 62471 (Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems) and IEC TR 62778 (Application of IEC 62471 for the assessment of blue light hazard to light sources and luminaires) that regulate the limits of use of light devices in the presence of humans and animals. BIOVITAE has been classified RG-0 (Risk Group 0) according to EN62471 standards, i.e. for continuous use in the presence of living beings. BIOVITAE is therefore not harmful to humans or animals at all.

The metabolic reaction in bacteria, as well as the photolysis effect, starts from the first moment of exposure to BIOVITAE, reaching the minimum level of sensitivity already after 5 (five) minutes from the first ignition.

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