The FORTYEIGHT range is a 48V low voltage system capable of creating flexible lighting effects with discrete, understated elegance. Available in flanged or recessed trimless track profiles suitable for mounting in ceiling or wall applications, surface, suspension, or recessed deep mountings. Due to its simple polarized mechanical track connections, the companion FORTYEIGHT luminaries can be mounted at any point.

The new FORTYEIGHT LABEL 7 is the fourth projector size introduced. The 48V LABEL projectors have a simple, compact size with remote power supply to reduce visual impact and maintain its most minimalistic form. Available in both short and long stem brackets, these fixtures are designed to be used along side their track companions. The Deep Recessed Trimless track is designed to be used alongside the long stem bracket to allow for maximum adjustability of the luminaire. These track projectors are suited for applications in the museum, retail, interior and hospitality applications. Available in four sizes – LABEL 2 (Ø 0.91" Dia.), LABEL 4 (Ø ) LABEL 6 (Ø 2.32" dia.) and the new LABEL 7 Ø 2.91" dia.) and are equipped with Ra90 LED's in 2700K, 3000K and 4000K.

FORTYEIGHT LOGICO 30 linear modules are complete with a frosted opal lens for a soft and diffused lighting effect. This linear module can be paired with the other FORTYEIGHT luminaries available within the range. Adding the LOGICO 30 to the FORTYEIGHT system expands the possibilities to design light within a space. Thanks to the use of linear luminaries available in 12" / 24" / 45" / 78" lengths and a new corner 12"x12" module, make it possible to design lines of light within a space. Available with Ra90 LED's ing 3000K and 4000K.

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