DART Round


DART was created to enhance architecture. These floodlight projectors have a high attention to detail making their soft lines and simple shapes pair easily with any design. We took the best characteristics from our original DART range and added a whole new range with the same flexibility and robustness, within a cylindrical form. DART ROUND is able to adapt to any application. With its shallow depth and high efficiencies, it is able to illuminate both long distances as well as close up details, all while maintaining visual comfort.

Particular design detail is ingrained into its specialized mounting bracket allowing for rotation both on the horizontal plane of +/- 45  and on the vertical plane from 0  to 270 . A wide range of optical and mounting accessories are available, allowing the designer to focusing the light where it is needed.

The three different sizes of DART ROUND allow you to integrate these projectors into any architectural element. Various options of mounting brackets give added versatility, allowing the fixtures to rotate on a horizontal plane by +/- 45º while on the vertical plane ranging from 0º to 270º. To further customize the fixture you can add any of the optical accessories to help shape your light in the most tasteful way! DART ROUND is expanding the possibilities for floodlight projectors.

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