Group Philosophy

Three companies, one reality that share common values, expressions of ‘Made in Italy’ to more than fifty countries, through our international sales network. 3F FILIPPI | TARGETTI GROUP can meet and satisfy any kind of design and application requirement. We offer a wide range of products and solutions, from high-tech functional by 3F Filippi, to indoor and outdoor architectural lighting by TARGETTI, and a wide range of linear lighting and lamps from DuraLamp. 3F FILIPPI | TARGETTI GROUP brands are all ISO 9001-certified factories. We provide our customers with products compliant with the latest regulations, assuring performance results. This ensures the quality, reliability, and authenticity of the recorded data: photometric measurements (intensity, distribution, luminance), colorimetric measurements (light spectrum, color temperature, color rendering) and precise thermal measurements using the largest rotating mirror Goniophotometer in Europe. The unique architectural artistic heritage that surrounds us deeply inspires our ideas, tastes, and creativity and makes us aware of the skills and respect necessary to light architecture.

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    TARGETTI Sankey is one of the most respected and recognized manufacturers and have been designing and producing indoor and outdoor architectural lighting fixtures in Florence Italy since 1928. For nearly 100 years, our products have been illuminating prized artistic and architectural works throughout the world and are the expression of innovation, research, and attention to detail. Our experience and expertise are focused on supporting architects, designers, and professionals lighting the world. We place great importance on innovation and research, as well as the unique ability to excite and inspire with unconventional design and craftsmanship. TARGETTI offers a wide range of exterior and interior luminaire solutions; specializing in flood light, in-ground, and projector luminaires. Our global presence and US Headquarters in Costa Mesa, CA, makes it possible for us to provide fast and accurate solutions for your interior and exterior lighting needs. We specialize in a full line of innovative products made with the finest quality and craftsmanship.

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    Since 1982, DURALAMP has been part of the 3F FILIPPI | TARGETTI GROUP, incorporated at the TARGETTI Sankey Florence headquarters. Providing the latest in solid-state technologies, leading edge research and IoT solutions. DURALAMP specializes in architectural linear systems and sources. These state-of-the-art LED strip light, energy-efficient lamps and vintage lamps are ideal for accent, task and general indoor and outdoor lighting including integrated lighting systems with a variety of profiles, light sources, controls and drivers. DURALAMP products are configured at TARGETTI USA by project to the exact dimensional requirements for a plug-n-play solution ensuring a contractor friendly installation process.

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    Since 1952, 3F FILIPPI has been a benchmark in the field of efficient technical lighting fixture manufacturing. The products, which are designed and created exclusively in the Bologna Italy facilities, are an expression of the company’s ability to combine the traditional and the modern, craftsmanship and technology, appearance and functionality, and efficiency and sustainability.3F Filippi luminaires specialize in solutions for architectural, industrial, and extreme environments with surface/suspended and recessed solutions. Technical performance and reliability meet todays application requirements for reduced energy consumption. We are focused on increasing the performance of the products and reducing the environmental impact.


Celebrating 90+ Years!

Group Philosophy

“Light is the element we work and play with every day. The play dimension is necessary to stimulate creativity, an essential ingredient in all our processes and which
helps us to aspire to the best possible results.

There is no future without curiosity, there is no growth without paying attention to a changing world. It is exciting to see people who stay with the company for many years and
still enjoy doing their jobs. Despite the 90-year history we have an enthusiastic and curious attitude of those who increasingly want to experiment.”

Starting in 1928, Targetti has never stopped designing and creating indoor and outdoor architectural light fixtures. For almost a century our products, which are synonymous with innovation, research and attention to detail have been lighting the most prestigious architectural and artistic works, creating extraordinary atmospheres and evoking real emotions. What we are today is the result of the experience and know-how we have acquired over time that we share with our partners and the environment we live in through our passion for light.90 years of enthusiasm, competence, skill and creativity.

90+ years of ideas

1928 Sankey Targetti started out with a small shop selling lamps and electrical items.

1959 lnauguration of the industrial complex on the outskirts of Florence, Italy – – the Targetti Headquarters today.

1972 BITRACK: the first electrified track in Europe entirely made in extruded plastic; packed together with its spotlights for “self service” installation, it introduced directional light into homes.

1979 The creation of STRUCTURA, the first and most imitated totally self-supporting lighting system. A three-dimensional flexible assembly makes possible the positioning of projectors and integrated lighting modules on any of its points, regardless of the environment to be lit.

1986 PULSAR, the first range of specialized projectors for discharge lamps (HQI 150W) for indoor use. Production and distribution of the first dichroic filter (UV, IR, Chromatic, etc).

1996 Targetti wins the Compasso d’Oro with its Monciial F1 projector, an innovative modular fixture in the world of lighting design.

2012 CCT LED Downlight: Innovative range of recessed LED lighting fixtures with highly efficiency and modular, patented LED optics.

2015 A new North American Headquarters Sales office, Targetti USA, was officially launched in Costa Mesa, CA.

2017 The Italian group, 3F Filippi -Targetti, was created, and introduced all over the world.

2018 The launch of the DYNAMIC BEAM SHAPER, the innovative optical system based on the use of liquid crystal lenses to control light beams.

2019 lntroduction of OZ, the innovative magnetic system for compact light modules. The heart of the system is a 48V powered 5 mm thick power track, a rail to place light modules on with maximum freedom.

2020 Bulletto is introduced. The compact design fits easily into any environment and offers a versatile array of luminous flux and output in two sizes.

Global Company

Different countries, different teams, only one goal. Targetti people play the same game, share the same culture, speak the same language, the language of light.

Global presence and local networks: our partners can reach us easily. The solutions we provide are versatile and can meet the needs of designers from all corners of the world.


We were founded for light. We know how to shape it, expand its boundaries and horizons, express it in unusual ways and make it interact with other elements and materials.

Targetti Light Art Collection

The Targetti Light Art Collection was created with this idea in mind, to use light as a means of expression; light interpreted by the sensitivity of the artists.Targetti Light Art Collection is a collection of contemporary works of art, more than 40 “light pictures”, commissioned from young artists who are now among the most important on the international scene.