ELDORADO is designed with a multifunctional approach. It is equipped with state-of-the-art LED sources and a prismatic opal or UGR diffuser that can effectively light environments, minimizing the level of glare as required by even the most stringent of regulations. Two versions available: a purposeful perimeter illumination with specific outputs and CCT configurations providing general illumination within a space OR a Twin configuration with perimeter and center illuminations. Combinations can be created for general illumination with a customizable decorative center panel capable of integrating the product with extra functions to meet the needs of workers or add a unique decorative element to the space.


  • dimensions 23.70"L X 23.70"W X 2.75"H
  • wattage Perimeter LED Module 20W-40W
    Center Panel LED Strips 10W-20W
  • color temperature 2700K
  • voltage 120V-277V AC50/60Hz
  • ip rating IP40
  • Finishes