The ONE you’ve been waiting for! VADER is an All-In-One modular floodlight projector that offers the extreme flexibility in optic, color temperature, and mounting configurations. With a 5″ Dia. aperture for this floodlight projector, it can easily be installed in all environments. Its distinct vaso style shape is designed for maximum heat dissipation with optimal lumen performance. Designed to fit in the palm of your hand for easy of onsite focus aiming.

  • dimensions 5" DIa.
  • wattage 14W
  • lumens 656Lm – 1065Lm
  • optics ZOOM
  • color temperature Tunable White 1800K–4000K
  • voltage 48V
  • ip rating IP66
  • cri Ra90
  • Finishes
  • Driver Remote power supply with separate 3-IN-1 control pod
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