OZ is a system that designs space with extreme simplicity and lightness. It has a clean, minimal design that adapts freely to any space. The magnetic light units are available in different types, sizes and beam optics and can be placed at any point along the track. The system can be left visible in as a surface installation where lightness and technology are highlighted, or housed in profiles that allow for surface, suspension or recessed installations.

The system is available with either 0-10V group control or Casambi individual control. Now with the addition of Wall Wash optics, OZ has endless possibilities!

DBS Module: A new record for OZ. In both the single fixed and adjustable versions, OZ is the first miniature light unit that can be equipped with the innovative DBS – Dynamic Beam Shaping - optics that make it possible to digitally regulate beam openings. Not only is it possible to add, remove and move light modules along the power track, but now it is also possible to define the distribution and light output of individual light modules with extreme simplicity. A prime example of flexibility!

OZ 48V SMALL LINEAR modules are 1” in width and available two lengths in 22" and 34", four color temperatures, and digital dim for group fixture control or wireless bluetooth Casambi interface for individual fixture control.

A new L shaped 90º fixture support bracket allows for more flexibility. In a standard installation the light unit appear perpendicular to the power track. The new L shaped support provides further possibilities to attach OZ SMALL modules at 90°; for example, even when the power track is installed on the wall aiming downward.

The world is not only made of right angles. The new adjustable connector makes it possible to create geometries, extending the configuration and possibilities of the OZ system. Thanks to the new connection system, there is greater freedom to create endless configurations. Every connector can connect up to 8 power rails to create free angles.

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