Aurora Highlands, Aurora, CO

The Aurora Highlands development is a 4,000-acre mixed-use master-planned community in scenic Aurora, Colorado. EV Studio of Denver was responsible for the lighting design for this impressive development.

The changes in color to the grand entry walls are made possible with two of Targetti’s most popular products: KEPLERO ZOOM RGBW and JEDI RECESSED RGBW ingrades. Residents and travelers on the nearby highway have the chance to experience many views of the tower as it gets decorated with illumination throughout the year to commemorate the different national holidays.

Lighting Design: EV Studio Denver

KEPLERO ZOOM RGBW was the ideal choice to deliver a powerful, yet uniform solution for this stunning entrance. The Zoom optic provides uniform lighting on vertical surfaces in a choice of RGBW colors. The perfect strength of an in-ground fixture in contrast with a unique dynamic optical system that can create numerous light beams within one optical system. With KEPLERO ZOOM RGBW the beam optic can be changed at any time thanks to its revolutionary optical system with four set optics – Spot, Flood, Medium Wide Flood, and Wide Flood. KEPLERO ZOOM RGBW 11"
Continuous illumination. The minimal and elegant design of JEDI Recessed allows for the creation of a continuous illumination optical effect when the fixtures are installed next each other. One portion of the entry is illuminated with JEDI Recessed projecting a wash of bright colors in RGBW with a consistent light pattern that reaches the top of the entry wall.  The Wall Wash optic was selected to provide a consistent blend of colors highlighting the architectural art details. JEDI is available with consistent lumen packages per length to allow each surface to be illuminated uniformly. This project beautifully showcases the RGBW dynamic color changing version and the consistent illumination in the wall uplight. JEDI RECESSED RGBW