Logan Airport, Boston, MA

Project Description

Collaborative Lighting, LLC recently was awarded an IES Section award for the lighting design of Logan Airport Terminal B renovation. The new “Great Hall” in the Boston’s Logan Airport terminal was part of the nearly $200 million Terminal B Optimization project which took a year-and-a-half to complete. The entire project involved renovating 70,000 square feet of the existing terminal and adding 75,000 square feet of new space. The renovation project offers passengers several new concessions, restaurants, new seating, and increased efficiency at the airline ticket counters.

Targetti’s CCT downlights and DuraFlex Neon are used in the main holding room in the architecturally detailed ceiling and surrounding columns.

Project Details

Lighting Design: Collaborative Lighting, LLC

Architect: AECOM

Photos: © 2019 AECOM/Photography by Robb Williamson

Awards: 2019 Lumen -Illumination Award of Interior Lighting Design

Performance Downlights

CCTLed Downlight Fixed can be see along the main holding room gracing the swooping curves of the ceilings.

The family of CCTLed is particularly suitable for professional architectural illumination such as these providing high performance, precision and versatility. The family features a complex optic system, different distributions, interchangeable reflectors and trims answer individual “architectural” project requirements and light engineering. Available as both fixed and adjustable, in two different aperture sizes: mini 4” and large 6”.


Shaping Light

The unique flexibility and durability of this linear tape (DuraFlex Neon) enabled the designers the ability to integrate a touch of light in an S-Shaped section at the edges of the ceiling panels flanking the column “trees”.

The DuraFlex Neon is an energy efficient spherical profile LED light for extremely flexible indoor/outdoor applications. Available in top-bend for arcing applications or side-bend for curving applications.


Products Used