Franklin Specialty School Performing Arts Center, Franklin, TN

The FSSD Performing Arts Center (PAC) is a beautiful 34,400 square-foot auditorium in Franklin, Tennessee that is available for students to showcase their talents, as well as for the community to use on a rental basis. The PAC is located at the north end of Poplar Grove Middle School and includes a 485-seat auditorium with a multipurpose stage, fly loft, and performance support spaces.

Wold | HFR Design served as the architect and Nabholz Construction served as the construction manager for both Poplar Grove’s new gymnasium, as well as the PAC.

Wold Architecture & Engineering has a long, established relationship with the Franklin Special School District. This successful pairing worked together to design the district wide performing arts center (PAC) and elementary school gym. The PAC is used to showcase the district’s seasonal plays, holiday musicals and graduation ceremonies. While, the new elementary school gym allows for more space for tournaments, tryouts and athletic classes.

ARCHITECT: Wold Architects & Engineers

GENERAL CONTRACTOR: Nabholz Construction

PHOTOGRAPHY: © Meghan Downs Photography

The exterior lighting of the Franklin PAC included two of Targetti's architectural bollards: MR. BO and FEBO EVO. Two stylish bollard choices that deliver impactful pedestrian lighting.
MR. BO, short name, great performance! This LED bollard is specifically designed to light large open spaces with a discrete, elegant presence in the landscape. Its mechanical characteristics (IK10) and performance make it possible to use in every space. The highly controlled radial emission pattern avoids any risk of glare while still ensuring wide throw illumination coverage and maintaining an uplight of U0. All versions have been designed to maintain the same level of illuminance on the floor regardless of the combination of different versions used in the same project. With innovative optics, a robust body and accurate energy management, MR. BO is a good friend to have around when illuminating landscapes and pedestrian walkways.
MR. BO is available in three different heights - 16", 32" and 40"nominal for flat head or 17", 33" and 41" nominal for domed and angled heads. The design team specificied the flat head bollard ih a 32" height with 360 degree distribution. Each bollard is constructed with a 316L grade stainless steel base and stainless steel anti- theft screws.MR BO is available with an optional integral 90 minute emergency battery back at 8W output (14W 57% / 19W 42% / 27W 30%) and an optional integral smart PIR motion sensor factory preset to 100% ON fade to 10% output after 30 minutes if no motion is detected. Custom settings are available by consulting the factory for your specific needs.


MR. BO is a powerful bollard that looks as pleasing in the day as it does at night.

The design team chose to add additional light accents along the landscape pathways at the PAC's main entrance. The FEBO EVO provided the ideal compact solution with a 360 degree distribution that mirrors the larger MR. BO bollard that follows the pedestrian walkway.
FEBO EVO is a reliable tool with minimal visual impact capable of lighting paths in depth and breadth, or separating different areas using light. It is installed on the ground with a simple support base that is supplied. The compact bollard measures 6.3"D x 7.09"H and is available in both 17W and 32W in a choice of color temps (2700K, 3000K, 4000K).