Loyola Marymount University Drollinger Stage, Los Angeles, CA

Lighting Design: HLB

Architect: SOM

Photos: © Lucas Blair Simpson / Dave Burk

2023 AIA LA Architectural Installation | Honor Award

When All the Worlds a Stage…

The Drollinger Family Stage, in the heart of the Loyola Marymount University campus, is an popular destination for renown artists and speakers. The integration of the JEDI RECESSED RGBW dynamic luminaires, flank the permitter of the stage allowing the building ceiling structure illumination to be a customizable color, perfectly pairing with each performance. The durability of the JEDI RECESSED ingrade luminaires are able to resist the constant traffic of the theatre, with load tolerances up to 28,000lbs. The versatility of this performance space creates an open forum for shows, performances, and gathering events for the school and surrounding community.


The JEDI RECESSED RGBW luminaire offers a flexible color tuning system alongside durability of over 28,000lbs of pressure to withstand lifts, stage equipment, and constant theatre traffic.
Adam Levine, Associate Lighting Designer HLB
JEDI is an essentially indestructible, high performance linear outdoor fixture. It is available with numerous optical effects, installation flexibility, three different lengths, and the ability to blend in easily within the architecture; an indispensable tool for lighting large surfaces.
Designed to withstand the elements.The JEDI fixtures undergo a unique Aquastop process to be perfectly sealed, preventing the fixtures from water wicking due to accidental damage or exposed to water and humidity. Resistant to corrosion. The high quality manufacturing processes and materials usage make Jedi suitable to be installed in marine environments.The completely sealed housing and IP68 connectors, make JEDI RECESSED easy to install in any environment. To be completed with an aluminum installation sleeve suitable for in-line continuous row installation.

This new addition to the university was recently featured in an article by Interior Design, “Loyola Marymount University Gets a Theatrical Addition.”