Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

Project Description
The Lucky Dragon Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas features a 27,500- sq ft casino, a spa, tea garden and five restaurants, not to mention over 200 Asian-styled rooms and suites. It’s the perfect marriage of East meets West.

“The property is unique in that it’s geared toward Chinese clientele,” says Janelle Drouet, director of Lightswitch SF, Inc. in San Francisco.

“With that in mind the idea was to create a must see space reminiscent of what you’d find in China, but also with a Las Vegas nod—a very energetic design that would create a lot of sparkle and visual interest and excitement.” – LD&A – October 2017

Architectural elements such as the RGB programmable LED strip-lights are striking focal features that were provided by Targetti – DuraTape RGB product.

Project Details

Lighting Design: Lightswitch SF, Inc.

Photos: Larry Hanna

Featured: LD&A -October 2017 issue

The Dragon

Inside, visitors are greeted by a 1.25-ton glass dragon chandelier (Preciosa) in the heart of the casino. The chandelier spirals down several stories and is composed of cascading hand-blown clear and amber spheres. Directly above are recessed LED fixtures in a mirrored canopy. The fixtures feature a custom color filter that provides warmth, filtered to about 2600K.

The team accented the red coffered ceiling with perimeter cove lighting (Duralamp DuraTape), creating a decorative glow. In an architectural channel in the ceiling, the team recessed adjustable track lighting to spotlight the chandelier and create additional focal points. The light homes in on the dragon’s face and whiskers while accentuating the details of the scales, picking up on the amber hues in the face and eyes.


“The dragon scales that spiral up are amber,” Drouet says.“We really wanted to make sure that popped and felt warm, that you could look up at the chandelier with minimized glare.”
“It was about being able to move the sources along whatever orientation the dragon required,” “They had to re-orient it to optimize the direction it faced, and we needed to create a lighting system that would be flexible.” — LD&A

Janelle DrouetDirector of Lighting Design , Lightswitch SF, Inc

Vivid Colors

The first-floor Pagoda Bar, at the heart of Lucky Dragon’s casino gaming floor, offers full bar service as well as a selection of teas and other non-alcoholic beverages. Video poker machines line each side of the bar’s architecturally inspired octagonal perimeter that is illuminated with DuraTape cove lighting in the same color temperature as the main entry with the Dragon glass sculpture.

DuraTape is prominently featured in the hotels coves, the octagon and square coves located throughout the hotel property.


Tranquil Waters

Pearl Ocean serves Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino guests with unique fresh seafood and the finest dim sum in Las Vegas.

Photo Credit: Larry Hanna, Courtesy: Lucky Dragon Hotel & Casino

The Night Market

Additional lighting provided by Targetti in Dragon’s Alley was inspired by the vibrant night markets dotting the streets throughout Taipei and landmarks such as Ghost Street in Beijing, introducing Las Vegas to the best street food offerings of China, Taiwan and broader Asia.

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