Private Residence Wine Room, Irvine, CA

For avid wine collector, there comes a point when a collection calls for more than your average wine rack. In such cases, graduating to a full home wine cellar provides an abundance of storage as well as an interesting way to entertain friends and guests. Whether you’re storing a dozen bottles, or a hundred, wine cellars range from small fridges to walk-in spaces. Consider showcasing your space with the versatile range of DURATAPE strip lighting.

Millworker: Moen Woodworks

Targetti worked closely with Moen Woodworks to beautifully craft a custom illuminated wine display wall to showcase the vast collection of spirits at this private residence. DURATAPE ESSENTIAL WHITE ES beautiful backlights the bottles creating a vibrant and dramatic effect within this space.

DURATAPE flexible linear strips are energy efficient in high/mid/low outputs with narrow spaced LEDs for continuous color linear applications. An essential product, DURATAPE ES is available in in a range of static white color temperatures from 2200K / 2700K / 3000K / 3500K / 4000K to perfectly pair with any space.
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You can use backlighting to give a dramatic appearance to your space. This can help set a mood, casting a silhouette around your display. Use this type of lighting effect to bring out colors or objects... you can even use it on ceilings! With backlighting, you can turn your everyday space into a sleek and modern environment.
Backlighting Effects

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