Dickie's Arena, Ft Worth, TX

Dickies Arena, which is adjacent to the Will Rogers Memorial Center campus, is a state-of- the-art venue for events of all kinds, including concerts, sports, community events and the Fort Worth Stock & Rodeo Show.


ARCHITECT: David M. Schwarz Architects (DMSAS) with HKS serving as Architect of Record,

PHOTOS: © Hall+Merrick Photographers

2020 PALLADIO AWARD - NEW DESIGN & CONSTRUCTION | 2018 Best Real Estate Deal, Community Impact (Dallas Business Journal)
The Monument Stairs leading up to the Dickies Arena features over 2,000 feet of our Duralamp DURAFLEX ARCHITECTURAL Side Bend tape in the hidden reveal under the stair treads. DURAFLEX ARCH SIDE FLEX
DURAFLEX ARCHITECTURAL light strips offer the ability to highlight architectural features while simply integrating into the space. The energy efficient quadrate profile direct view flexible light is perfect for curved applications. DURAFLEX is extremely flexible and adjustable lengths for varied architectural applications. The side-bend quadrate profile is ideal for curved applications. It is manufactured to specified lengths with factory attached end preps and various connector options for project requirements and efficient power configurations. DURAFLEX ARCH SIDE FLEX