The Pools Park, Irvine, CA.

Project Description
The Pools Park is an 8-acre private water park that is part of a network of green space developed by FivePoint. At the heart of each neighborhood, FivePoint developed a park. These parks form a network of public green spaces that connect to each other and to the Orange County Great Park. Each one has a unique feel and character, celebrating the different aspects of the diverse land on which they are built as part of the Great Park Neighborhood.

The Pools features a junior Olympic pool, family pool, children’s pool and three spas.

Large landscape elements throughout the Park are beautifully illuminated with Targetti’s in ground projector – Keplero Mini with a Zoom optic.

Project Details

Lighting Design: StudioK1

Developer: FivePoint Great Park Neighborhoods

Photos: ©Brad Nelson

Light it Up!

KEPLERO is a powerful solution and the ideal choice for lighting large and small public spaces, building facades and trees given its’ size and high performance.


Up to the Highest Height

The Professional single LED COB is a fully adjustable landscape in-ground fixture. As landscaping matures and changes, the shape and size zoom optics can be adjusted in the beam spread and light direction to conform with the changing landscape.


Products Used