Coming in March of 2024! Be sure to be the first to see this new product debut at Lighting and Building 2024 in Germany and LEDucation 2024 in New York City, NY.

CATRIPEL is a flexible modular outdoor system designed for landscape and architectural applications that require great installation flexibility and accurate light control. Designed to enhance nature, CATRIPEL is ideal for irregular curved or undulating surfaces.

CATRIPEL can be easily be integrated into any environment and provides individual control of each luminaire module. The ball joint system allows for each luminaire module to be freely aimed and secured to a precise position with a locking screw.

This modular system is available in single, triple, or quintet module configurations. Each module is available as OUT or IN/OUT cable configurations, equipped with IP68 Plug’n’Play connectors for easy installation in exterior or interior applications.

With flexibility in the spherical joints, there are infinite possibilities for installation. Curving around branches, trunks, cylindrical structures and architectural details with ease. CATRIPEL is the ideal solution for difficult applications.

CATRIPEL is the result of the collaboration and innovation of Targetti and lighting design studio L'Observatoire International.

“Illuminating nature’s harmony; creating an organic light fixture that blend seamlessly with in the world. To have the light source be unknown and shine from within the object itself. Allowing for the light and object to be fused as one. The CATRIPEL morphs into the form of a caterpillar in a tree, our fixtures weave into the surroundings, casting an enchanting spell of versatility.” – Hervé Descottes

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