CHIOBO is the “newest addition” to the MR. BO outdoor bollard collection. CHIOBO is the perfect combination of two complementary and interacting cylinders that create an elegant fixture. It has a slender body, but provides great strength and resistance. The optical head is composed of a wide, thin cylinder that holds the power and illumination of the bollard. Available in three heights, four optical distributions, and four kelvins temperatures, CHIOBO is a perfectly elegant solution to any landscape environment.

CHIOBO is Dark Sky compliant with zero uplight emissions and is a ideal for installations with light pollution regulations.

Available in four optical distributions, CHIOBO offers the upmost flexibility for designing pathway and walkway illumination. CHIOBO offers the same emission angles as the MR. BO range, creating continuity between bollards. No matter the space, there is a lighting solution our "BO" family can provide!

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