May Marama always bring light to your night, wherever you are...

The story... MARAMA is based on the goddess of the Moon, an evocative deity of Maori mythology. It is said that MARAMA watches over the world with her silver light. Her appearance illuminates the dark night, bringing rest and hope in a new day, moving the tides of life. In tradition, MARAMA fell in love with the god of the Sun. Their love flared up like a fire, so much so that they were forced to move apart and live in separate times. One by day and the other by night. Only the magical eclipse allows them to come closer: it is only then that MARAMA appears covered in the light.

Light everywhere without electrical connection! MARAMA is a dimmable table lamp with rechargeable battery. It is ideal for indoor or outdoor occasions, a romantic dinner on the beach or a picnic at sunset. MARAMA is available in three finishes - White, Black, Corten. An elegant and essential design, perfect for both modern and classical settings.

MARAMA is touch sense controlled, dimmable and cordless. It is available in a choice of color temperatures – warm 3000K or Tunable White ranging from 1800K–4000K. Its battery is charged by type C electrical connection and lasts for up to 12hrs at full power.

MARAMA provides quality light with the latest generation LED source creating a warm atmosphere with adjustable light intensity. Where will you bring yours?

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