Playa Vista, CA

Project Description

“Conceptually, there were two main criteria for the project: illuminate the portal without any punctures in the metal and highlight the slatted screen. Ingrade linear uplights, luminaires integrated in door beams and uplighting on canopies make this possible. The result is an inviting and comfortable nighttime environment that concentrates and amplifies the architectural features. ” – Oculus Light Studio.

The JEDI Recessed provided the ingrade linear uplight solution that helped the designers achieve their design goals.

Project Details

Lighting Design: Oculus Light Studio

Architect: Shubin+Donaldson Architects

Photos: ©Henri Khodaverdi

Awards: Lumen West Award of Merit – Exterior Lighting

Oculus Light Studio – Award of Merit for Exterior Lighting.

When linear accents become part of the architecture

JEDI Recessed ingrade provided a consistent and soft glow of illumination by the entrance to reflect on the colorful entry.


Wall Washing

JEDI Recessed in 3000K provided the ideal amount of accent to the architectural entry.


Products Used