Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA.

Christ Cathedral formerly and informally known as the Crystal Cathedral, is an American church building of the Diocese of Orange, located in Garden Grove, California. The reflective glass building, by the firm of Philip Johnson/John Burgee Architects, seats 2,248 people and was originally completed in 1981 and was touted as “the largest glass building in the world.” 

The building was originally the principal place of worship for Robert H. Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral Ministries founded in 1955. In February 2012, the Diocese of Orange purchased the building for use as the diocese’s new cathedral and was renovated to accommodate the Catholic liturgy. For the re-design, the Crystal Cathedral became Christ Cathedral of the Diocese of Orange County in southern California. The famous landmark is designed in a four-pointed star pattern and features more than 10,000 panes of glass.

The mss renovation of Christ Cathedral re-opened July 2019 after a $77 million renovation which included a mesmerizing and award-winning daylighting & electric lighting system designed by Francis Krahe & Associates.  The project represents a masterful solution that incorporates both lighting design & daylighting on grand scale in an iconic building.

Lighting Design: Francis Krahe & Associates

Architect: Johnson Fain Architects

Landscape Architect: Rios Clementi Hale

Owner: Archdiocese of Orange County

Photographer: Tom Bonner Photography

Lights fo Florence Brochure

Lighting is comprised of multiple layers of light, in low intensities for ambient lighting, and a few high intensity spotlights to allow for focused highlighted functions. Lighting control equipment and separate light component systems allow for multiple combinations of lighting functions, hierarchical light levels, and focal points.
Frances Krahe & Associates
2020 Illumination Merit Award
CORO is a compact projector designed specifically for high intensity LED projection. The powerful projector comes in both 25W (Spot and Flood) and 39W (Spot, Flood, and Medium Wide Flood) optics in 3000K. The adjustable projector features an optical body that can adjust +/- 165° horizontally and +/-180° vertically with aim locking with a single knob for the two free degrees. It also features an articulated arm that is adjustable +/-180° vertically and is available in two lengths. The powerful optics and versatile mounting accessories make CORO an ideal choice to illuminate objects on display with precise, clean beams. CORO is part of the LIGHTS OF FLORENCE collection, a range of light fixtures dedicated to light-art quality. CORO LARGE
The lighting system provides a comfortable illumination for congregation and celebrants, which defines a sense of dignity and scale to each sacred space.  Direct accent lights (CORO) provide higher illuminance for key aspects of the worship space with appropriate hierarchy and prominence.Specially designed quatrefoil shades control the sunlight and house the electric light. Arranged in various states of openness, the quatrefoils modulate the light, reduce glare, and create geometric patterns on the cathedral interior. The quatrefoils shade the sun and re-align the focal point for visitors.
Direct accent lights provide higher illuminance for key aspects of the worship space with appropriate hierarchy and prominence. Frances Krahe & Associates