Eagle Mountain Casino, Porterville, CA

The Eagle Mountain Casino is a new gaming and dining experience created for the Tule River Tribe and located in Porterville, California. The 105,000 square foot property was designed by HBG Design with an immersive environment that speaks to the Tule River Tribe’s native traditions through art, patterns, and imagery.

HBG’s design concept pays homage to the ideologies and motifs of the tribe, capturing the spirit of their customs and traditions throughout the casino. Drawing inspiration from the land and agrarian context of Tulare County and Central California, the design reflects the rich tapestry of the region. These elements of design, texture and materials are artfully highlighted and brought to life with an insightful lighting design by the award-winning team from First Circle Design.

Each venue within the casino is meticulously crafted to be bold, captivating, and filled with intricate details that engage and entertain guests. Inside and out, guests will discover an abstract depiction of the Tule River Tribe’s native traditions through carefully curated art, patterns, and images and materials.

The casino itself features 1,750 slots, 20 gaming tables, a 2,000-seat event center and a choice of four different dining options. The design team at HBG pays homage to the ideologies and motifs of the tribe, capturing the spirit of their customs and traditions throughout the casino. Each space within the casino is meticulously crafted to be old, captivating and filled with intricate details that engage and entertain guests with curated art and patterns.

Lighting Design: First Circle Design, Inc.

Architects and Interior Design: HBG Design

Contractor: W.E. O’Neil

Owners: Tule River Tribe

Photography: Peter Malinowski / Insite Photography

Top Tribal Project for 2022

Eagle Mountain Casino Named Top Tribal Project for 2022 by Tribal Government Gaming Authority

The expansive stone columns that support the structure are beautifully uplight with Targetti's KEPLERO MINI HIGH EFFICACY ingrade in 3000K. The KEPLERO MINI HIGH EFFICACY requires very low power with extremely high performance. With a diameter of only 6" and an installation depth of 8", KEPLERO MINI delivers a high performances and compact luminaire that is ideal to light outdoor spaces, building façade and landscape elements. The high-specular polycarbonate reflector focuses the emission of a single COB LED to creating a soft, high performance beam within a smaller aperture. The KEPLERO family delivers a series of fixtures that are extremely strong, highly resistant to corrosion, completely waterproof, high performing and versatile.

DURATAPE ESSENTIAL WHITE tape lighting beautifully illuminates the interior porte cochère cove with indirect lighting that accentuates the grand scale of the wooden beams that support it. This energy efficient high/mid/low output narrow spaced essential white LED flexible linear strip delivers continuous consistent color in linear applications. It is available in both indoor and outdoor options, and ideal for cove, under-counter/cabinet, and lighting accent applications.

The versatile compact JUPITER MINI recessed spot delivers a warm way finding path lighting for guests along the sidewalks and pedestrian walkways. The design team specified the JUPITER MINI with an optional hex louver in 3000K to expand the lighting plan out to the pathways. The JUPITER MINI delivers an ideal fixture for recessed applications as It is easy to install and has a minimal installation depth. The lenticular type optic makes it possible to obtain defined, precise beams for precise aiming and the beveled trim features no visible screws or hardware, while still retaining a drive over rating.

DURATAPE RGBW was utilized to backlight the large windows on the casino's second floor and enables the casino to change the window accent colors based on the season or special events. DURATAPE RGBW offers high output RGB colors alongside warm white in an easy to install tape light. The versatile tape light is manufactured in 0.51" width / 0.47" OC LED Spacing with a 16' max per run (4.4W/Ft) and features high output RGB colors along side warm white. The white spectrum works with saturated sharp RGB tones to create soft pastel tones or different tones of white enriched with RGB colors.

JUPITER MINI PROJECTOR is positioned between the second story windows in a Spot optic in 3000K providing a tight beam of accent lighting for the exterior architecture. The 3W floodlight projector features a fixed, lenticular-type optic system that delivers precise and defined beams ideal for accent lighting. The compact (1.77” W x 2.80”D) floodlight projector is mounted with an adjustable yoke mount bracket that allows it to be adjusted in respect to both the vertical and horizontal plane.

Additional touches of landscape lighting can be found with the powerful BULLETTO LINE floodlight projectors mounted with ground stakes to illuminate the trees along the entry.

The design team opted to use BULLETTO LINE in 3000K in both a Flood and Spot optics. The small scale of the fixtures and high center beam candle power allows the high-performing BULLETTO series to light large applications while the actual fixture remains visually inconspicuous.

Photo credit: Eagle Mountain Casino

A variety of tribal basket patterning and motifs highlight the ceiling and floor planes and a variety of unique light fixtures were installed to draw guests through wayfinding paths to the 1700 machine casino, the center bar, the Redwood Taphouse, the Acorn Diner and a new 2,000-seat event center. HBG designers and First Circle Design team merged concepts and elements to create an enticing design environment and approachable luxury for customers.
Over 3,000 linear feet of DURATAPE HIVOLT ARCH IP65 27K was utilized to illuminate the triangle coves to provide a frame work for the custom pendants that represent tribal basket patterns and motifs.

‘The Redwood Taphouse’ has a lodge aesthetic featuring the use of wood and reclaimed redwood that ties to the sequoias and the Tribe’s homeland. According to HBG Design’s team, specific fabrics were incorporated that depict gopher snake patterns.

To create an interior glow in this Bar fascia lighting and illumination of the back bar feature wall and shelf details are created with Duralamp’s DURATAPE ESSENTIAL WHITE IP20.

‘Acorn Diner’ is a 24-hour dining option for guests that features a theme of “gather,” with a community focus aspect. It features large tribal photographs, including one of the tribal elders making a basket with elaborate patterns.

“Reading books from the earliest accounts of the Tribe in this region, they are always known for these beautiful big baskets, and some of the art depicts how they are made. The panels have that weaving process, so when you think about the word gather and baskets, it’s all about collecting and creating a special place for people." said Jurbergs. (HBG Design)

DURATAPE ESSENTIAL WHITE strip light was mounted behind the wood walls to create an indirect interior glow of illumination to highlight the 'weaving' pattern detail of the featured wall.
Matt Levesque Principal, First Circle Design

The new casino property opened in late Fall of 2022, off Highway 65 in Porterville, CA, next to the Porterville Fair Grounds. The new property will double in size, growing to over 100,000 square feet, featuring new dining options, 1750 slot machines, 20 table games, and a 2000 seat state-of-the-art event center. Phase II of the project will usher in a new 111,000 SF, 125-key hotel with a 20,000 SF banquet and conference space. The hotel will also feature a destination pool and an on-site brewery.


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