Eastvale Stem Academy, Eastvale, California

Eastvale STEM Academy (eSTEM) is a new three-story school located in Eastvale, California that features a multi-layered series of connected co-labs and flexible learning environments, where students can solve problems in bright, vibrant environments that promote creative thinking. The eSTEM campus occupies a three-acre site that provides a unique identity for the academy, as well as direct access to the existing Eleanor Roosevelt High School campus.

The Architecture, Engineering, Interior Design, Landscape Architecture and Lighting Design was crafted by LPA (LPA Design Studios). The design team was tasked with providing new classrooms that support specialized learning for Career Technical Education (CTE) programs in health-medical and engineering. The spaces are designed to promote student ownership, support multiple teaching modalities and allow for adaptability and evolution. This “school within a school” creates a strong sense of identity for the specialized campus, balanced with fostering inclusivity for all students to feel welcome.

Lighting Designer: LPA Design Studios

Client: Corona-Norco Unified School District

Photography: Costea Photography

Awards: Merit Award Lighting Design: IES National | Merit Award Lighting Design: IES Southern California

The campus’ design promotes sense of fun and exploration. Hidden messages were added to spaces, designed to provoke and inspire thought while generating a strong sense of school identity. The horizontal sunshades mimic a heartbeat on an EKG. The color pattern on the metal panel cladding is inspired by brainwaves measured on an EEG. Glass panels in the entry exhibit binary code that, when deciphered, talk about the school’s dedication to the six Cs of Critical Thinking.
LPA Design Studios
IESNA 2021 Lumen Award - Award of Merit Exterior

LPA Design Studios: Debra Fox, Jen Ozai

This inspirational signage found in the common courtyard is illuminated with the powerful JEDI Recessed Linear projector. An ideal solution for wet location settings.