Lugano Diamond Retail Salon in Aspen, CO.

The Newport Beach based, LuganoDiamonds has opened its third fine jewelry store, adjacent to one of the world’s most celebrated boutique hotels—The Little Nell in Aspen, Colo. The retailer opened this sleek, thoughtfully designed atelier, the Lugano Diamonds Salon, at The Residences at The Little Nell resort in June. 2017.

The welcoming space features muted blue-gray colors, polished wood floors, nods to Aspen’s luxe mountain culture—including a stylized mannequin holding a set of white skis. Lighting throughout the salon was crafted by First Circle Design and features extensive use of CCTLed Architectural Mini Series and DuraTape cove lighting for accents throughout the space. The shop offers a bevy of big-ticket gemstone jewelry, created by Lugano Diamonds, for affluent Aspen locals and tourists.

Project Details

Lighting Design: First Circle Design

Location: Aspen, Colorado

Photos: ©Michael Hefferon

Cove Lighting

DuraTape was used to provide a consistent and soft glow of illumination in the ceiling coves and along with it, a remarkable high +93CRI.


Making the Diamonds Shine

CCTLED Architectural Mini LED downlight with an Intensive Spot optic provide the ideal amount of accent lighting for the jewelry displays to make those diamonds really shine. With a High 97CRI, these diamonds are getting world class treatment from a world class luminaire.


Recessed and beautiful

The recessed downlights provide just the right amount of lighting for wayfinding as well as both accent and task lighting.


Working cohesively together

DuraTape provides an ethereal glow of the accent cove with CCT Mini downlights providing additional ambient and task lighting throughout the space. It’s a great combination.


Products Used