Private Residence, Huntington Beach, CA

Project Description.
Architectural elements such as the exterior lines of the home are brought to life in the evenings with the help of concealed LED strip-lights that let the architecture serve as a striking focal feature. The contrasting palette of wood exterior, concrete and stone provided a beautiful mix of contrast colors and clean geometric lines are highlighted beautifully with the exterior lighting design.

Project Details

Photos: ©SAC Design

Sidewalk Accents

Mini Mercure was used to provide a visually appealing accents to guide guests to the front entry. The color temperature that worked ideally was 3000K.


Landscape Highlights

The compact DART small was the ideal size projector to add a punch of light to the greenery inside the landscape walls that reside parallel to the sidewalk. The wide flood distribution in 3000K was used to beautifully illuminate the bamboo.


Architectural Accents

The beautiful lines of this home are accented with DuraTape exterior LED lighting to brilliantly accent the modern, clean architectural lines on this residence. 3000K DuraTape ES 4.4W was used to illuminate the facade to bring out the warmth of the wood paneling.


Products Used