Sage Hill High School, Newport Coast, CA.

Project Description
Developing a lighting plan for this new high school in coastal California was tasked to a local design firm – First Circle Design. The lighting design team is well known for their award winning designs in retail lighting and a lot of the same design features were implemented to give this new school a welcoming environment for both day and night.

A variety of Targetti products were used throughout the space including our popular KEPLERO floodlights, ZEDGE step lights and a variety of our powerful, yet compact PYROS Series Projectors. With a full line of IP67 & 68 fixtures available, our products provided a full catalog of solutions that can withstand not only the foot traffic and outdoor environment, but will last for many years to come.

Project Details

Lighting Design: First Circle Design

Photos: ©SAC Design

Landscape lighting is kicked up a notch with beautifully placed ingrade accents

The KEPLERO MINI ZOOM ingrade luminaires are used throughout the landscape to deliver the right amount of accent illumination to this already versatile landscape environment in this school setting.


Stairway Accents

The KEPLERO WALL WASHER provides the ideal wall wash solution to deliver a consistent and soft glow of illumination along the stairs as well as providing a beautiful wall accent.


The Squares Have It

ZEDGE provides the ideal touch of accent lighting for this perimeter wall. Simple and elegant. Just as it was designed — to simply blend into the architecture when not illuminated and perform powerfully at night as a guiding light along pathways.


Accenting with Floodlight Projectors

The PYROS Range offers a versatile array of sizes, outputs and mounting options to provide the ideal solution for illuminating archways, signage, landscape trellis and more.


When Lighting in tight places makes a great visual

DURATAPE ES IP66 outdoor strip light beautifully accents the under bench lighting with linear accent strip lights.


Products Used