ZENO is versatile by nature. This track light projector range is ideal for museum, hospitality, and retail environments. It has two aperture sizes (Small 4" and Medium 5" diameters) with six body styles, complete with cutting edge optical systems in eight different effects (NSP / SP / FL / MWFL / WFL / Wall Washer / ZOOM / Dynamic Beam Shaping). The ZENO range also includes an Applique version for surface mount indirect illumination

No detail of ZENO was left to chance. The ZENO design is now even more discrete thanks to the use of integrated adapters that allow for perfect integration within the architecture. The depth of the luminaire has been reduced to its minimum while the geometry of the bracket is designed to disappear and become an integral part of the body of the fixture. With up to +/- 90º tilt, 350º of rotation, and eight different optical systems, and four versions of control (0-10V, reverse/forward phase, and Wireless Bluetooth via Casambi), there is no limit to the spaces you can illuminate.

ZENO range is available in two variable beam options, ZOOM and DBS. ZOOM is a manually adjustable variable beam telescoping optical system that makes it possible to have a variable beam with continuity from Spot to Flood emissions. DBS (Dynamic Beam Shaping) is the dynamic optical light system composed of a Lens Vector liquid crystal lens that is electronically controlled to regulate light diffusion and the beam opening from SP to WFL via wireless Bluetooth Casambi control.

Dynamic Beam Shaping (DBS) - optics that make it possible to digitally regulate beam openings. Not only is it possible to add, remove and move light modules along the power track, but now it is also possible to define the distribution and light output of individual light modules with extreme simplicity.

DBS optical technology was created from the desire to give designers a sophisticated yet simple tool. Technology that we were the first to develop together with Lens Vector, makes it possible to vary the beam opening of fixtures via digital input without any mechanical system. With DBS combined LED sources, use collimated optics and lenses equipped with liquid crystal molecules that can be activated and oriented using an electric field, creating a dynamic variable optical system.

A variety of optical accessories are available to provide solutions for applications in need of more controlled light emission.

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