...And then there were three!

Small dimensions, great performance. The BULLETTO range features three compact adjustable floodlight projectors, each designed to fit seamlessly into any environment and with the flexibility to be mounted in a variety of ways. BULLETTO Mini, BULLETTO and BULLETTO Line each offer high performance LED within a minimal, modern design. The small scale of the fixtures and high center beam candle power allows this high-performing BULLETTO range to light large applications while the actual fixture remains visually inconspicuous.

The all new BULLETTO LINE brings a integral line voltage solution to the range. Maintaining the modularity toolless maintenance available throughout the range. The lens cover features toolless field interchangeable optical lenses and accessories.

The BULLETO features an incredibly high center beam of up to 24,000 cd/klm in a minuscule 1.56" aperture fixture.

The BULLETTO range offers a collimating optical system with specific interchangeable holographic lenses in various optics for a simple, toolless field interchangeability of optics and accessories, while still maintaining the IP66 rating of the fixture.

The entire range is adjustable up to 180° on the vertical surface with aim lock set screw, 360º rotatable on the horizontal axis. Brass counter nut with ½” NPS mounting stem suitable for direct j-box mount or with use of optional installation accessories including ground stake, surface canopy, tree strap. Also suitable with our newly introduced event pole mounting! Versatility designed with Italian craftsmanship!

Event Pole

Check out our newest reference guide for Event Pole Applications featuring the BULLETTO LINE event pole mounting!

Bulletto was awarded the Product Innovation Award from Architectural SSL Magazine.

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