Sacred & Historical Buildings

  • LA Historic Landmark Renovation: Tower Theatre

    LA Historic Landmark Renovation: Tower Theatre

    Renovation & Preservation The historic Tower Theatre in downtown LA was the original home to the first theater in Los Angeles wired for film and sound.  It was designed in 1927 by renowned motion-picture theater architect S. Charles Lee and has gone under a complete…

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  • Christ Cathedral

    Christ Cathedral

    Christ Cathedral formerly and informally known as the Crystal Cathedral, is an American church building of the Diocese of Orange, located in Garden Grove, California. The reflective glass building, by the firm of Philip Johnson/John Burgee Architects, seats 2,248 people and was originally completed in 1981 and was touted as "the largest glass…

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  • Mission San Juan Capistrano

    Mission San Juan Capistrano

    Founded by Junipero Serra in 1776 and named after an Italian saint, San Giovanni di Capistrano (John of Capistrano), Mission San Juan Capistrano was the seventh of 21 missions established by the Spanish in California to expand the territorial boundaries of Spain and share the…

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  • Grand Candela Memorial

    Grand Candela Memorial

    Project Description A Place for Healing and Remembrance The “Grand Candela” commemorates the victims and survivors of the August 2019 mass shooting tragedy at Walmart’s Cielo Vista store in El Paso, TX. Inspired by the motif of an everlasting candle and set in a plaza…

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